Saturday, August 18, 2012

Last Weekend until School.....

It's the last weekend of summer. We haven't done anything extra special I don't suppose. We did have a great dinner out last night with some wonderful friends.The boys got to hang out with friends at a new babysitters house. That made for a pretty fun Friday night. We don't have any plans today to speak of. Maybe we will venture out later to Wal-mart or maybe we will enjoy the rainy day and hang out at home. I just know the summer has gone far too quickly. We had open house on Thursday night. We met the boys teachers, checked out new classrooms, and saw old friends we hadn't seen since last school year. We are thrilled with the boys teachers and they are excited to start back. Open house always gets them pumped about the new year. Will has Mr. Bunting. We have wanted him since we started Kindergarten! He's been teaching for quite a while and we know his no nonsense, organized classroom approach will be a great tool for Will. I am excited to see what the 5th grade will hold for him. Alex got Ms. Buss. Her first teaching year was the year Will started 2nd grade. She is one of Alex's friends mom and he is so excited! She was so happy to see him and he enjoyed getting to see his new classroom. She is a relaxed, fun, very down to earth lady. I think her personality and teaching style will match Alex well. He has some friends from baseball and last year in his class, so it promises to be a fun 2nd grade year. Monday will be here before we know it. Lunches to be packed, clothes to be ironed, and friends to see. They have both said I could just drop them off through the car line. I thought my heart would break! Oh well, we are still negotiating the finer points of Monday morning. HA! So here we go, into a new year. Looking forward to the promises it brings.

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