Friday, June 29, 2007

Is Your Sippy Cup Half Full Or Half Empty

I was reading my Newsweek this week and ran across a interesting figure. It reminded me to blog. By the end of 2007 there will be 100 million bloggers. I didn't know whether they included my blog in that figure or not. I have to start writing more because I'd hate for there to only be 99,999,999 bloggers at the end of the year.

We had Will's baseball party last night. The season is over for the Red Sox. He smiles everytime he looks at his trophy. And smile he should because anyone who watched them play definitely smiled too. It was fun.

I was telling the coaches last night, Will truly likes to play baseball. Not even once did he ever say he didn't want to go. Our days in the backyard are filled with him saying "Dad pitch me a ball".
I know children look up to adults, but we can also learn from them. When I throw to Will he misses at least 9 out of 10 times. But he seldom gets discouraged. He's ready to try again. When he does make contact he cheers like its the greatest thing that's ever happened to him. And when he's telling you about his homerun he never mentions that he missed the previous 9 times. Focusing on success not failure.
And no matter how much success or failure you have there is always a rainbow snowcone waiting for you at the end.