Sunday, September 16, 2007

Ahhh.... The Sounds of Fall

There are many things that mark the end or beginning of a season. Fall is a great example. You begin to hear school bells again. The sound of a huge football stadium filled with people...roaring because they just won the game on a last minute touchdown. The sound I associate fall, though, is almost as unpleasant. I sat on the deck yesterday morning and could hear it. Way on the other side of the neighborhood. A little hummmm in the distance that could only be a leaf blower.

From this week on, leaves will be my personal battle. Some years I win, some years they win. Last year I wasn't feeling well and had to hire a small army to come take care of my war for me. This year is different. Armed with a new mower with a bag on the back, ear plugs, a dust mask,alot of help from Michelle, and little luck we will be victorious without reinforcements.

And let me just's not just a weekend or two picking up's once a week for about 8 weeks. Between last week and this week, Michelle and I have already accumulated 17 bags worth. And I know the trees are laughing. I look up and they haven't even began to drop leaves in force. But little do they know...I haven't even begun to fight. Douglas MacArthur once said..."In war there is no substitute for victory".

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Team Sports...

Will decided that he wanted to play soccer. We signed him up for team camp over the summer and he really enjoyed it. He decided that after that he might want to play on a team. So we gave him a while to decide and he said he wanted to play. I believe it is important for you to know, that we told him we didn't care one way or the other. It was HIS decision, but one he would have to stick with. So he says yes.

Fast forward to last week. Tuesday was the first game, he has had a practice and did really well. Tuesday he changed his mind. He played the first 5 minutes, that is like an inning in baseball, and decided that he didn't like it. He comes running off the field tears streaming down his cheeks, "Mom, I don't like it, I am no good", he says. "I can't make a goal and I want to go home." There was a part of me that wanted to wrap him up and leave, but the other part took over. "Will, your team is counting on you. It doesn't matter if you make a goal, but you have to try your best and help your team," I reply to my sobbing child. "But mom, I am better at baseball." "Doesn't matter right now Will, you have to play, you signed up and you are a part of this team, go on, it's your turn again. I am right here watching."

He takes the field, but not without a fuss and he stands in the middle of it crying, but I make him play anyway. I am not sure what the other parents thought, most of you know I don't care much. I was teaching a lesson, a hard one, but a lesson no matter. I made him play the whole game and I know he didn't like it, he didn't like me much either, but he was learning a lesson. Thursday night replayed much the same way, except by half time he was ready to play. They were short 2 players and I think he realized that he was part of the team. He smiled, he ran, he played, he had a GOOD time. For us it is not about how good he is, or how good he becomes, it is that he tries hard and he has a great time doing so. When we left he asked when the next game was, "I am ready to play mom, maybe I'll make a goal, or not, but I am ready."

Life is a team sport, I think my family is my "team". I don't always want to play. I think my conversations with God go like this, " I don't want to be a mom/wife today Lord. I am not all that good at it and I am really just tired." "I know you are Michelle," replies my Lord, "but they need you today, your team is counting on you." "Go on, get up, you can do it and I will be right here to cheer you on." "Okay, Lord, but I am really not in the mood, I think I would better at something else." By the days end I am glad I played, I enjoyed it and I made a goal or two, or maybe not. Either way, I am ready for tomorrow. Maybe I will score then, doesn't matter, I know He is cheering me on, just like we are for Will.

Be Blessed...

Saturday, September 8, 2007

There are times when we start to look around and think that we must have done something wrong. I was starting to feel that way yesterday. After buying a vaccum cleaner that I so wanted so desprately, I started for home. I guess I should tell you that yesterday morning the garage door broke, the spring is busted. So back to returning home...

I got out of the car with Alex and my new vaccum, in the rain, and I don't have a house key. After walking the house for 15 minutes, in the rain, I discovered a window unlocked. I sent Alex in to unlock the door, he thought it was funny that he was inside and I was not, so I had to climb in as well. Door unlocked, vaccum inside, off to get Will. Upon returning home I hear the sound of rushing water, not a good thing. It was the water heater, GUSHING water into the garage. After calling dad and gettting the water turned off, I discover an hour later that the water was in Alex's closet! Can it get any worse?!?! The devil would try, however, God is in control! Water heaters were on sale and we got a bigger one, instead of 40 gallons, we got 50. My amazing dad arrived this morning and installed the new one while Mike was at work, by noon I was taking a hot shower!

I had to pray, lots, yesterday. Guide me Lord, keep my frustration under control. Teach me in the midst of this. God is in control, He will NEVER give us more than we are able to bear. He doesn't say it won't be hard, but He does say He will be with you, even until the end of the world. I have been blessed with a wonderful mate who is great with our finances, I would say it is his gift. He saves diligintly, in doing so we were prepared for the water heater, the garage door, and the vaccum cleaner.

I know this was a long one, but I want to remind us: HE is faithful! He provides all our needs, He is here, all we have to do is call HIS name. He is waiting, wanting to lead us. I called, He answered, above and beyond my deserving. Be Blessed...