Thursday, January 29, 2009

Favorite Things...

My thought is simple today...

Can I tell you that 2 of my very favorite things in the world are walking somewhere and holding the hands of one or both of my boys.

Number 2, doing that same thing holding Mike's hand. Hands are the neatest, most wonderful things in the world! Have you held someone's hand today?

Be Blessed....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Weekend Update with the Stafford's....

Okay, so I decided I would update about our weekend. This was one of those weeks where my fabulous hubby was home on Friday and Saturday. So Friday we got to spend the day together w.out kids! We went grocery shopping and had lunch, just the 2 of us. I really enjoy these Fridays. I feel so blessed to get to spend that quality time with Mike and truly enjoy it.

On Friday night we watched my cousin Jacob play basketball, ordered pizza, and came home to relax. Saturday was a true miracle, not a plan in sight! We stayed in most of the day and built a fire, watched a couple of movies and enjoyed family time. Sunday was church and party for a dear sweet friend, Happy Birthday Robert! We came home and spent the evening in with the kids preparing for a week of school, church, and work. I enjoyed the time with the men in my life this weekend. The kids grow so fast and if we don't take time for each other we drift and before we know it, we wonder when the last time we talked was. Have a great week, eat supper at the table, if you don't already, ask about each other's day, and don't forget to spend quailty time! Bel Blessed!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Please join me in praying for sweet baby Harper. I have been following her blog for the past week and would like your prayers added as well.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I am listening to the tv. Who isn't this day? No matter who you voted for, the day is historic. I don't know that I have ever paid too much attention. I think it is neat that my kids are in the midst of this day. Alex of course as no idea what is going on, but this is his first Presidental Inaguration. He just wants me to turn Spongebob on! Will is at school but I know they have talked about it. He knows who President Elect Obama is when he sees him on tv. He thinks it is neat that he has kids about his age.
We are in the middle of changes, some good, some bad. I think it is important to watch, to pay attention, to remain involved. I will continue to listen and to watch today, simply because it is history and this is my country and today I am proud.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

What a Week!

Alex has been through the ringer this week! 4 year ck up and shots on Tuesday and allergist on Thursday. He is allergic to peanuts, trees, and grass. They poked his little back 21 times, he cried until he fell asleep in my lap waiting on results. It was pitiful. We still have to do a blood draw on Tuesday to see what the levels are. I think it is called a RAST test. I think after that on Tuesday we will go to lunch at the Purple Cow, his favorite spot!

Doctor's appointments, school started back, work, Mike had a computer issue this week and had to work late. We could get so heavy with the things of each day, but I am resolving to trust more and more in the wisdon of my Saviour. We have to see to all the blessings that occured within the week of crazy. Alex is fine, we are sad that he can't have peanuts and it makes some days tricky, but we can manage. Other kids have it far worse somewhere. We are thankful for jobs to work late at. Working late means we are feeding our family and staying warm in these cold days. I am choosing to look at the positive side, believe me there are days when that seems impossible. I want to go to bed and try again tomorrow, but with some help we will make it.

2009 is in full swing. I am excited about all is holds!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year

So I waited until the 3rd of 2009 to do my first new year post. I have been trying to decide what to write. I decided for this post I will be brief and keep it simple.

We were truly blessed in 2008. The kids are healthy, Mike has a good job and had a stellar year for his back. I had 2 surgeries and recovered wonderfully from both. My calcium in at normal levels and I feel better than I have in a long time. We are blessed. We look forward to what the Lord has planned for us in 2009! Happy New Year!