Friday, September 26, 2008

Grandparents Day for Alex

Today was CAC's grandparents day. Alex had the honor of having 3 of his grands join him at school for a program, a tour, and lunch. He had a great time and has talked about it all afternoon. I am so thankful that my boys have such wonderful grandparents! In fact, I think they are the best around. Here are a couple of pictures from today. Thanks Terry, Mom, and Dad.. better known as Nana, Mimi, and Papa, for making Alex's day a truly special one!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I am here...

I haven't posted in a while. Sorry about that. Mike started this whole blog thing! Wonder where he is?

Well, I have healed remarkably well. I saw the surgeon a couple of weeks ago and he was impressed. I am to wear sunscreen for the next year and a big brimmed hat to protect my scar. I feel wonderful and my scar looks better daily. Only a matter of time and it will fade (somewhat) into my the creases of my neck. Thanks for your prayers, they have been answered above and beyond.

We are staying busy around here. Seems that this time of year keeps us running. Will is doing great in school and loving every minute of it. He has great friends and the most wonderful teacher. Alex is doing well also, he likes his teacher a lot, so do we. I am home room mom for both kids so that keeps me running. Two schools, two kids, wow! Moms of more than 2 I applaud you!
Alex got to get in the money machine at school yesterday for selling the most magazines in his class. He managed to grab $3, but they said he tried really hard, so they gave a few extra dollars to go with it! He thinks he is RICH!

Mike is doing well. He is keeping busy with work and us. He does so much for so many and never once complains about any of it. He is such a great dad and I know his folks at work love him. Someone this week described him as loyal, I could not agree more. Well, here we are. Just wanted to let you know we were among the land of the living, just the really busy living! Be Blessed..

Monday, September 1, 2008


Okay, I am learning all kinds of things from this adventure, if you will. First, I will think LONG and HARD before I stare at someone ever again. I will "smack" my kids when I see them doing it to! I haven't been able to get out much. I can't drive for another couple of days, my reflexes aren't where they should be in my neck, I can't turn very far or very fast.
Mike has gotten me out a couple of times. We went to lunch and Wal-mart, even made it to Kroger. However, it almost kills my soul to get out of the car. For those of you who haven't seen me, I have a pretty gnarly "necklace" across my neck. It looks better everyday, but I can't hide it very well. It has hurt my self confidence. Something that doesn't effect me all that often. I know people are staring and I know it is because they don't know what it is. I wonder if they think I did it to myself?.... Anyway, I will now strive to think about things more carefully before I jump to do them. I am going to make an effort not to stare or gawk because I don't know the circumstances of their scar. Maybe, sometimes, the Lord will give the opportunity to ask. There are miracles learking behind every scar.
I see this to, isn't it just like the devil to take my miracle and turn it around on me? Instead of focusing on that I can talk, I was out of the hospital in a matter of 24 hours instead of 48, and I'm doing well, I am focused on the "ugly" across my neck. I want to learn to focus on the miracle learking mbehind it. Keep praying, I am still getting to where I need to be.
Be Blessed.... And don't stare.... ha ha