Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Yep, that's me. Since getting smart phones, I can say we just don't do much computer stuff. I can check email, Facebook, read blogs, etc all from my phone, and sadly that's just what I do. But it occurred to me that the 2 people that read my blog might wonder how we are and what the happenings are. So for you, a quick update.

School is about half way over for the boys, in fact 2nd 9 week report cards come home today. I know that the boys both made straight A's once again and I could not be more proud. I know how hard they worked to get those grades and it makes me happy to see the work pay off. We are about to start basketball with Will. He has been practicing for a few months and the first game is this weekend. He is playing with school friends and our amazing assistant principal is the coach. I simply could not ask for better when it comes to him. Will is enjoying the process and learning a lot. He got drums for Christmas and as crazy as they make me some days, he is loving them. I hear the improvement everyday. I am glad that he is doing something musical. He has made great friends and we had a couple of them over to watch the Cotton Bowl last weekend, it was so much fun to hear them call the Hogs and for us to get the BIG WIN! I had a some happy boys at my house!

Alex is, well, Alex! He is so full of energy it makes me tired trying to keep up! HA! He is really enjoying school. He has made some great new friends this year. One of them got to stay over during the football game too. They didn't watch much football,but we had plenty of superheroes flying around here. I just love all the noise that boys bring! He is gearing up for soccer in a couple of months. He wants to give it a try again, so we will see. I think he is looking forward to something that no one else does, something he can call his own. Just a week ago he turned 7! I can't believe time has gone so quickly. He is growing up so fast. He had his party at the church with a bounce house and some of his buddies. It was the first year he didn't include Will's bigger friends, he just wanted "his" friends. I am glad that he has his own set of buddies, I think that is so important for him.

Mike and I are keeping up with them the best we can! Parenting is not for the faint of heart, that's for sure. It sure is a rewarding job and I am so glad I get the privilege to do it. I really am going to try to update at least weekly. We are still here, busy and happy. May your 2012 bring you blessings abundantly and may His grace cover you!
The Stafford's