Monday, September 6, 2010

Stafford Family Update....

School is in full swing and the boys are really loving it. Alex is loving kindergarten. He has Mrs Beeson, she was Will's teacher when he was in K. He has made new friends and really likes to go to school. He was ready to be dropped off in the car line the first day and was made when I wouldn't do it! He is going that way now and he LOVES it.

Will is in 3rd grade and has Ms Merrell. We are really pleased with his placement as well. She seems to fit his personality really well. He has several friends from years past in his class and that makes it all the better! They also have a snake and a lizard in their classroom. Sounds yucky to me, but hey, what do I know!? LOL

Miks is enjoying his job. It is a lot better for his back then jobs have been before. He has more freedom to sit and stand at will, without doing too much of either.

I still have my sweet Caroline two days and week and in a few months we will add her new brother! Her mommy is due in December, so we will have a full house a couple of times a week and we love it! I started the gym this last week and am really looking forward to getting back in shape. It gives me something to fill in a little bit of empty space, as little of that as I have, and makes me feel great.

We are doing well, we are blessed and