Saturday, September 12, 2009


So it seems only fair that since we blog about baseball, we should also blog about soccer. Alex had his frst soccer game on Thursday night. It was so much fun to watch! He had a blast and with some work I think he will start to "get it" and have even more fun.
He got to play quite a bit and has made some friends already on his team. Alex thrives in a crowd and so this proves to be well suited for him. He almost made a couple of goals, but not making them just made him play harder. We don't know much about soccer, but we are learning. As long as he wants to play we will cheer from the sidelines.

I am so proud of my boys, they are growing into great people and we are blessed to be their parents. We are still going strong here in "Staffordland", and we wouldn't have it any other way
Be Blessed...

Friday, September 4, 2009


(I think it is more fun to read if you have sweet faces to look at! My Boys... )

So school is in full swing and we are busy around here! Alex started soccer last night. He met his team and had his first "practice"! He did so well, he listened and tried his best. I think he is going to enjoy soccer. It's new for me, but I can learn.

Labor Day weekend is upon us now, no big plans. Travs game tonight, the Razorback marching band is playing the National Anthem and fireworks after the game. The kids are looking forward to it. We plan in doing NOTHING tomorrow. It's our first weekend home in forever and we plan on staying in. Friends coming over on Sunday to eat and hang out. Not a lot going on, but we will have a great time no less. I haven't been great about blogging, you would think with no job outside of my house I would have more time. Funny how that works, I feel like I have less time. Oh well, I am so enjoying getting to be here during the day, the house is staying cleaner and I am spending time at the school helping out. Life is good and we are blessed.... Keep blogging, I enjoy reading about you!

Be Blessed...