Monday, January 21, 2008

Opinions of a 3 year old...

Jesus attends children's church, but then he goes home. If you have him in your heart he will go home with you, otherwise, he just goes to his own home.

Jesus does not live in Alex's heart... He does however live in his belly-button and that goes ALL THE WAY UP to his neck. Alex does love Jesus and Jesus loves Alex, ALOT.

He has opionions on lots of things I am finding. He thinks the vaccum cleaner is the enemy and it is way too loud.

Police men, ALWAYS get the bad guys and the help the good guys. Papa (my dad) is a police man, he puts the bad guys in jail. Sometimes he uses his "shooter-gun", but only if he really needs to.

Doctors help you in the hopsital, but if you need something before that, you have to call a "ambalance", it will help you first. Papa works on that too. (He is learning that Papa has many hats).

Okay, so there are my "Alexisms", hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Be Blessed...

The Greatest Invention

I was reading an article in a magazine this week about great inventions. There have been alot of great inventions by many great inventors. The Wright Brothers invented the airplane, Alexander Graham Bell the telephone. Maybe the greatest innovator was Benjamin Franklin...he is credited with electricity, bifocals, and the Franklin stove (which I'd never heard of til this article).

None of these, though, in my mind are the greatest invention. By far the best invention since the caveman invented the wheel is the paid vacation. The thought of sitting at home or on the beach for a week and getting a paycheck for it. This week is one of my few vacation weeks. One that doesn't include a trip of any kind, just piddling.

I could go into my economic stimulus plan. The plan that doubles all working people's vacations. It would cause companies to hire more workers to cover vacations while taking a small amount of money from the upper class and infusing it into the middle class, not as charity but for work. The bums that chose not to work would only get poorer (which they probably deserve). The plan would decrease unemployment, strengthens the family (more home time), and makes for happier workers (which in turn are more productive).

But instead of going into detail about weird plans in my head like this, I'd like to figure out who invented the vacation and start a campaign for him or her to be included in the great names mentioned above. I salute you Mr. I invented the vacation are a great American.