Friday, October 23, 2009

Because blogs are better with pictures, here they are! Alex had his soccer party and got his trophy. He is so proud! The bottom picture is the boys together at the party. Yes, they really are that sweet most of the time!
We have been busy around here lately, but aren't we always. Will's school had their fall festival last week, I am in charge of the Silent Auction, so we are glad we have that behind us. This week is Alex's school festival, but the pressure for me is not as great for that one. We look forward to going and seeing what great games we can win!
Yesterday was my birthday, it was all in all a great day! Mike was home and those are always my favorite days! We went to lunch at my new favorite place, Panera Bread in NLR. I LOVE this place!! I started my new "job" this week. I am keeping a 9 week old 2 days a week. It is lots of fun and little girls are a new thing for us around here, but we love it.
Mike got a new job. He is going to work for a new Nursing Home side of USA Drug. We are very excited about this new endeavor. He has his first business trip in November. We are so proud of Mike and his work ethic. I know he will be great! We are well, I read blogs everyday, I am just not the best at posting for us! Hope this finds you well, Be Blessed!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Alex singing....

This is Alex, singing Billie Jean, by Michael Jackson. This is one of his new favorite songs! Enjoy!!