Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day.....Or maybe an Ice day?

Clay and Will getting ready to sled!

Mike and the boys headed out on the 4 wheeler! LOADS of FUN!
We spent yesterday inside and it's looking the same for today. We did make a Walmart run before it got too bad yesterday, and a stop over for pizza, before we came home and rode the 4 wheeler and played in the white stuff.

We went down to Tom and Steph's (so glad they live close) and Mike pulled the kids on a sled from the back of his 4 wheeler. They had a blast, but boy were we cold! We have plans for more of the same today. Thinking about making some chili for supper and making another fire this afternoon. We have enjoyed being "stuck" in the house together. We don't get to hang out all together very often, with school, work, basketball and all of life's other fun stuff, so a few days where we have to is a welcome change. We hope your snow days have been fun, be blessed...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


We took the kids to see the Globetrotters last night. They had a blast. Mike and I have both been several times in our lives, but it was the first time for both the boys. We let Will invite a friend, which made it that much better for him. Here are a few pictures of our night. The Globetrotters are always great entertainment, and I know you will be suprised, THEY WON! ha

Be Blessed....