Monday, April 7, 2008


I am amzed at how quickly a day can get away from you. Seems like an hour ago it was 6:30am.

Today was opening day of Will's baseball season. He was so excited he could hardly see straight! I was equally as excited. I love seeing him play baseball. No matter what the outcome of the game, he has a great time playing and I have a great time watching! He was ready to get in his uniform as soon as school was out. He is so full of life, he reminds me daily to slow down and take it all in.

Alex got to watch him play, really he just wanted to play in the dirt. So with Cousin Sarah by his side, he played until you couldn't see him for the dirt! So much fun. He laughed and played, he reminds me to get dirty every once in awhile, it will wash.

I am in the midst of finding "me". Whoever that is suppose to be. Today I was Will's mom. Keeper of the baseball cleats, maker of lunches, and giver of hugs. Oh how I love to be that person. Today I was Alex's mom. Washer of faces, giver of kisses, and hot-dog maker. I tucked them in bed. Alex needs a kiss, a "five" and a hug. On my way out, "Hey, Mama!", Yes, Alex, "I "lub" you!" "I love you too Alex, to the moon and back."

May you find who you are this week. I have a feeling we have lots to find!

Be Blessed...