Monday, June 21, 2010

Summer is here....

Well, baseball is over, summer is here along with REALLY hot weather! We completed t-ball and baseball last week, along with getting to got to church camp for the first time. Will had a blast. We are getting back into our routine around here and getting into that summer groove....

We celebrated Father's Day yesterday with our dads and Mike. We are so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful men. Mike is an amazing dad and the boys are so in love with daddy! I feel so overwhelmingly grateful that God saw fit to bless me and our boys with Mike. I hope we made his day special.

We are in gear getting ready for Will's birthday. He is going to be 8 in July! Anyone who knows my family, knows that 8th birthday parties are BIG deals around here! He is getting excited and I love to plan a party! Be Blessed this week and try to stay cool!

The Stafford's

Thursday, June 3, 2010

World Vision

I want to take a minute to share with the 5 of you who read my thoughts(ha) about something that happend this week. Thanks for reading!

About 3 years ago at a Women of Faith Confrence, I decided to partner with World Vision and sponser a child. I got to choose the one I wanted, I picked a little boy named Notice. He was born around the same time as Will and I thought that would be a great way for Will to understand our helping those in need. For only $35 a month, we got to help this wonderful little boy. We sent letters, he sent letters. We got updates and were able to do special things for him at the holiday times of the year. It is a precious gift, not only for him, but for us. I recieved a call this week from World Vision. There was a flood in Notice's village. He was asleep in his home, when the rains collapsed his roof. He was taken to the hospital and they did surgery. He was released, but a few days later he had to return due to complications. He did not make it when he went in the 2nd time. Notice went home to be with Jesus. I know he is in a much better place, free from suffering, but our hearts here on earth are saddened.

I am not a spokes person for Worold Vision, just someone who believes in their cause and what they do. We are looking for another child to sponser, we want to help in anyway we can. If you would like to help, you can go to their website and pick your own child to help. It is such a great organization. I do hope you will consider it.
Be Blessed....