Friday, August 24, 2007

My Better Half

I have been working on Michelle to join my blog. I have found that I don't have time to write as much as I want to. When I started this thing I was home-ridden after surgery. Thank God I am up around and complaining about not having time.

If she runs into the same problems with time and posting I'll have Will write. He just happens to be standing here. Let me try something...


See, he typed that...

Setting the bar very high for Michelle.

One Week Down...

Mike invited me to join his blog since he has so many followers! Here is my first post...

Well, we survived the first week of school. Although most days it felt like just barely. I do feel encouraged, his teacher said that he does great during the day and is a well behaved, well mannered child, that does a mom's heart good!

This afternoon he got in the car and said the words I have been waiting to hear, "Mom, I think I am starting to like school." I was almost speechless. A little boy even called to him as we walked to the car and said "Bye Will, see you Monday." He has a new friend!! Of course Will can't tell you his name, but hey, it's a start.

I have felt closer to God than I have felt in a long time this week. He seemed to send things at the right moments all week and I felt pretty sure of myself each day. I only lost it once and I recovered fairly quickly. We will survive, day by day, that's all we can do. I am holding to the words that God is already there. I am not sending Will alone, HE is already there. Be Blessed...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

School Days School Days

Have you ever been on the wrong side of a law that you have always pretty much supported? And, no, I'm not talking about DWI, larceny, or anything criminal. This has kinda happened to me over the last week. It has to do with No Child Left Behind law.

No doubt every kid should have equal opportunity. If I were a parent and my kid was in the wrong school's area, I wouldn't want my children attending a sub-par school.

Our school, just around the corner, is where Will started this week. Indian hills Elementary. Michelle and I debated over private and public schools and figured out that Indian Hills was one of the best around. Evidently many parents have figured out the same thing. There are 25 children in each of the 4 kindergardens. Many, no doubt, are imported from deficient schools. The NLR Times said today that many schools (even my elementary alma matter Lynch Drive) have empty classrooms because parents take them to schools with better track records.

Where this law fails, I now think, is that the kids that come from deficient schools to "better" schools all come from families who care. I'm no education expert but I think it isn't too far off base to assume that children with involved parents develop more goal oriented children. The kids left behind are the ones left at deficient schools whos parents aren't involved enough to fight for them to be at a better school. And you set up the perfect storm...bad schools loose parents who care...scores go even lower. Good schools gain better parents (thus better students)...their scores go up.

They are going to lower the child to teacher ratio at Will's school in the comming days. And I'm glad because I won't let Will be left behind either. Like I said before the children left behind will always be the ones with parents who aren't involved enough with their children's daily lives.

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Rolls Of Our Models

No doubt there are many articles on Barry Bonds and his home run record. Mostly concerning the debate over whether he cheated or not. All the evidence seems to add up against, not only him, but alot of baseball players in the "steroid era".

What I can't help but think is that Barry Bonds, steroids or not, doesn't do himself any favors with his attitude. He loses in the sport of public perception. He seems to rub folks the wrong way and it hasn't taken long for folks (press and fans) to start rubbing back. Hank Aaron said himself that he doesn't think Bonds is a likable person. Who wants to be known as "unlikeable"?

I guess ultimately it doesn't matter what everyone else thinks. Goes along with the theory that as long as you make yourself happy who cares about the rest. I think Bonds has some of that thinking. Me personally...I like to live the opposite way. As I have concern for others it seems to make me happier.

The saddest part is that many kids look up to people like Bonds, or Michael Vick, or any number of professional athletes that just don't measure up to great role models. Many have parents who can show them the rights and to live a likable, honorable life. But so many of our children don't. That's why Bonds should be a little less abrasive. Line 1 of the qualifications of a hero should be "Not a Jerk".

So there...I figure he cheated. I have no doubt that if he used steroids it helped him. But the trump card for me is that he doesn't live up to Line 1. Thus a poster of Barry Bonds will be highly frowned upon in my boy's room. Plus...there are so many awesome Mets players to look up to.

Sunday, August 5, 2007


Well I decided to abandon my birthday wishes. Michelle and I discussed it and came to a conclusion that a recliner was too impersonal and something we should just go buy as a family. And the elliptical machine...yeah...let's face it I would never use it. Although I still may buy one in the near future, I have nowhere to put it. This office needs a mini remodel with a mass exodus of junk before anything else can come in. The day was spent with my family at a wedding. Since I was with them it was a wonderful day.

So what do I do in my 30's? I would like to start something new in my 30's (I've already wasted a year). In my teens I became a fairly good tennis player and halfway figured out golf. In my 20's I learned how to play the guitar. I need something like that to conquer. Something hard that takes a long time to master. Something you can chomp away with over the course of many years. I've thought of learning the piano or getting better at guitar. I also have thought it would be cool to build fishing rods. There was a gentleman at church when I was young that did that and I always thought it was a unique hobby.

We'll see. I'm still thinking. Of course, I've heard it's harder to learn new things as you get older. But I'm still a young dog learning new tricks.