Sunday, August 18, 2013

School Year....

Tomorrow my boys will begin a new school year. Summer has been fabulous, although never long enough. We played, we laughed, we went swimming, went on a fabulous vacation and now the school year beckons. Will is starting a brand new journey, he is headed to the 6th grade, to middle school. I have worked through most of my emotions, I think, and as of 3:12p the day before the 6th grade, I am good. You see, he has been in the best elementary school, with the best teachers I could have ever asked for. He has been preparing for this day since he walked into Indian Hills Elementary School in kindergarten. He's been walked to class, loved on by the best teachers around, and taught everything he needs to know to be a success from this point on. I am watching him. He's got his head on straight, he's excited. Mike attended this campus when he was in school, so that makes it really cool. I also know that Will is taking his cues from us. If we seem settled, so will he. I am not looking through rose colored glasses, I know it will be different. I know it will be challenging and there will be lots to learn and new people to meet. Not all the people he meets will be good ones, I get that too, but I also know, that's part of life. I can't keep him here forever, sheltered by me, and honestly, I don't want to. The world is a great big scary, wonderful place. I want him to learn it, see it, and do it. I really believe that starts tomorrow, when he leaves here. I am proud of Will, and I have every intention of staying as involved as I have ever been. We will be his biggest support, he loudest cheerleaders, and his biggest defenders. I will also push him the hardest, make sure he is working to his fullest potential and make sure he is doing all the things he knows are right. I am not scared about tomorrow. I have always said, I never send them in alone. God promised me He would take care of them, and I trust that He always keeps His word. Plus, He's already there. And I find incredible peace in that. Alex goes to 3rd grade tomorrow. Mrs. Ralston is about to meet the sweetest, funniest, smartest 3rd grader ever (I am only a little partial). He is ready, a little anxious because Will won't be there with him. He is finding his place, and I know he will do great. I know he is excited about learning new things and exploring all the 3rd grade has to offer. Just like with Will, I am not nervous, God promised He would take care of my Alex too, and He always keeps His word. I know that He is already there, so I have no reason to fear. I am a sophomore in college. I am not anxious, I am ready. 16 hours this semester, along with baseball, soccer and laundry, but I know we will make it. I have incredible friends and awesome family, we can't fail. We are set up for success and I know we will accomplish big things. Here we go.... Lakewood Middle School, Indian Hills, and Pulaski Tech- The Stafford's are coming for you- be ready!!

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