Thursday, January 31, 2013

In the Little Things....

My life is anything but "normal" at the moment. Mike had back surgery a week ago yesterday. I started back to school 2 weeks ago, this is a CRAZY semester already, should have enjoyed the last one a little more. Today a rock a rock hit my wind shield, Will is sick, for the second day. I had school until 1:30, picked up Will went to the doctor, he threw up in the exam room. Went to the pharmacy, came home, went to Kroger.... see how all this goes. I have made it a point in the middle of all of this to find a silver lining of some kind. What happened today that I can give glory in? Can I tell you something? It was hard today. I really felt like sitting down in the middle of the floor and putting my hands in the air with a loud, "I QUIT!" I can't do it Lord, it's too much. My house needs to be cleaned, now disinfected. I need to do a pile or 2 of laundry and put it away. I have homework, I still have to cook and make sure the people that live here know I love them. And it goes on and on. So, have been waiting for the silver lining? I won't disappoint. At 5:17p, I got a text that said, it's not fancy, but can we bring you chik-fil-a? Silver lining #1. Will doesn't have the flu, just a virus, that I can treat the symptoms of. Silver lining #2. The laundry, well, that will be there tomorrow. ha! I called my Grammy. I said, we need prayer. I can't do it. I want to curl up in the fetal position and quit. She said, you can do it sis, God is carrying you. Silver Lining #3, I am being carried. Mike is doing well today. He is up and getting around better all the time. Silver lining #4. His sweet Aunt Susan asked if she could bring us dinner next week. So Monday, I can go to class and handle all the day to day and not have to worry about dinner, WHAT A BLESSING! I know to some it will sound like I am whining, it's just a sick kid or you chose to go to school. Yep, you are right. And I am not whining about the choice or that my really healthy kid is having a bought of sore throat and fever. But in a house where things are for the most part calm and the our flow is pretty good, it's a shake in our system. I really think that sometimes the Lord does small things to remind us that we are not in charge. And if you know me, I am always in charge! So I need the reminder that He's got it and I have to let Him carry me. It's in the small things folks. So when you start to feel overwhelmed, and it happens, stop and look for Him. He's got people in all the right places, like my Grammy said, "God has people stationed in very strategic places. His arms are forever extended."

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