Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Sweet Moments...

So we are coming home from the doctor yesterday, Will has strep, and he is quietly riding in the back seat, when the following conversation occurs.
Will: "Mom, did you know that I love God?"
Me:"I thought so Will, but I am really glad to know that you do."
Will: "Mom, it makes me sad that not everybody loves God."
Me: "I know Will, me too."

I was in awe! What a precious child! He went on to tell me about about a boy in his class, we will call him J. J is some what of a hand full. Anyway, Will has been praying for him. He is praying that God will help him make the right choices. He said God answered his prayer one day last week, J went all day with no card pulled. Will was so excited that God heard his prayer. I feel so blessed that God has placed church teachers in Will's life that have him excited about praying for his friends. I always love when my kids teach me something and yesterday was no exception. I am truly blessed...

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